What happened... in summary... is that I wrote hugely faster alternatives to the REALbasic way of doing things, and made it available to the community, for free. And that made them hate me. They created lies that my work isn't fast at all, and then lied about me too. This caused me to leave them... for about 4 years...

Later... I was working on my most important project ever... and I had the unfortunate idea that "There must be some good people in the community", so I came back and asked for help on this project... and this time they went the most crazy. They changed the subject and instead lied about my previous work, which was totally unrelated, and had nothing to do with my question... because they had prepared so many lies on my previous work. Then they created the most incredible lies about me. I left them for good, that time.


REALbasic is a Ghetto

The best metaphor I can think of... is a ghetto. The REALbasic community is a ghetto. If you live in a Ghetto and try to excel... your neighbours will be jealous and lie about you, steal from you... If you try to fight crime for free, and accidentally report one of their family to the police, your neighbours might even try to murder you.

Worst of all... if you try to solve some nuclear physics problem, and ask your neighbours for help, after having made great progress... they'll go crazy. "HOW DARE SOMEONE SUCCEED, IN THIS PLACE!"

It's not that REALbasic is a ghetto that's the problem. The problem is, it's a ghetto of failed egos wearing dull business suits and owning worthless University degrees...

Without the REALbasic community (and any who support them), I can achieve far more than I did, with them.

It doesn't sound like I was relying on them, but actually I was. They made statements, to the community in general, or to anyone, including me... about how the world works, even friendly statements (but still false), as if to give guidance and confidence with finding a way through the programming world. But actually they wanted to create a false-reality for me... That believing in myself makes me look bad. And speaking the truth makes me look worse.

People who had REAL success (Steve Jobs, Gabe Newell, etc)... have said things that disagree with the REALbasic community... things like believing in yourself... and spoke against small minded people.

The REALbasic community has absolutely failed... they have no right to talk about how anything works, let alone the world! They've proven themselves to be insane and incapable of admitting they are wrong.

They start respectful, then slam down incredible systems of abuse and lies. It's a dangerous horrible ghetto, that coats itself with respectability by giving poor quality answers to newbies with predictable and trivial questions... but as soon as you grow beyond newbie and need to invent new stuff: "OK time for you to die".

(I don't believe in the whole success/failiure thing... it's another illusion. I don't "want to be a success"... there are just things I want to create, and will... The kind of world I want to build is a world where everyone who is innocent... acheives what he puts his effort into, because everyone's beliefs adds up and fit together. In that world... there's no possibility of "unsuccessful people". Only in a world where people work against each other, can "successes and failiures" exist.)

PS: They wrote a few threads full of lies, about me recently... about 5 years after I left them (forever, this time), which is pretty wierd behaviour in itself. But their statements were even more insane...

June 2014